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Ne znam koliko je vas ovo slusalo, ali za sve koji nisu:)




Who is Milt Kahl?

Here's the short biography found at the disneylandtoday.com (not affliated with Disney)..

But we just want to know who Milt is, so here goes:


"Milt Kahl, one of Walt Disney's legendary "Nine Old Men", was born in San Francisco,

California, in 1909. At 25, Milt joined the Walt Disney Studios and spent the next 42 years

drawing and animating for Walt Disney.


Never completing a formal art education, his talents were observed by other Disney

illustrators and animators such that Disney placed Milt in charge of the most difficult

assignments. Over the years, Milt helped bring to life "Pinocchio", "Peter Pan", "Alice"

of Alice in Wonderland, the "Prince" in Sleeping Beauty, and worked on full feature

animated classics "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad", "Cinderella", "101

Dalmatians" and "The Jungle Book" among others.


Milt Kahl retired from Disney in 1976 and pasted away in 1987."

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Richard Williams Animation Master Class Notes


The Richard Williams Animation Master Class was an incredible experience. Mr. Williams is a very personable, entertaining and competent teacher. The three days were crammed full of theories, examples and entertaining stories. This gray haired balding gentleman would race across the stage, jump about or crawl on all fours in the effort of getting the concepts across. I made over 40 pages of notes and sketches. Although the class is geared toward traditional cell animation most of what is discussed is applicable to CG.
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Link :)


How to Succeed in Animation




Readers of this book may ask, after wading through my tales of failures, lost projects and lost payments, (PART II), how did I ever manage to survive in this business?, or what is my right to put out a book with the title, "How to Succeed in Animation?"


Well, I learned from the failures, and I did succeed. I managed to get into the black, and you can also.


Here are some ground rules:



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He Runs That Mickey Mouse Outfit - Interview with John Lasseter (New York Times)

March 4, 2007


IT wasn’t the first time John Lasseter, the director of “Toy Story” and “Cars,” had sat through the screening of a not-quite-ready animated film. But when he saw an early cut of Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons” last March, he watched it with a new eye. He wasn’t just a fellow director, and a founder of Pixar Animation Studios. This time he was the boss, the chief creative officer of animation for the Walt Disney Company, which had agreed to acquire Pixar two months before.

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ovo nikako da postavim ovde... evo josh malo pa ce godinu dana od tada. :D ah, sorry for that.

u svakom sluchaju, vec je bilo linkovanja do pojedinachnih intervjua, ali je ovo glavna strana, koju povremeno mozete proveriti za nove chlanke. :)




XSI Base - Articles

intervjui sa puno faca iz industrije (i animatora i ostalih). :)

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winter showcase


u slucaju da neko ne dobija newsletter :)


bas su, pa, uh, bas su dobri.... jedva cekam da vidim shortove... ima pred kraj delova iz shortova koji izgledaju bas vau... eto...


kao sto rekoh, ko nije nek pogleda, vredi svakog utrosenog sekunda :)


a evo sad videh i ovo:


Featured Short Films


Sheep by Dan Segarra

Baloon by Joseph Kim

Marco and His Ball by Emanuele Pavarotti


sad nam ostaje da (nestrpljivo) sacekamo i nase gore lisce da se pojavi sa filmovima...

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offtropik- boles' me sprechila da ga zavrsim u januaru, a onda pretrpanost s poslom, ali ovo je taj mesec!

na 99% sam jos od decembra...


moguce da cu ga zavrsiti otprilike kad i Toma.. pa napravimo neku zajednichku projekciju or sumthin'

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The Secret of Pixar Storytelling by Greg Singer

March 19, 2007


Pixar directors, writers and artists shared their storytelling experience and expertise during a series of keynote talks and panel discussions as part of Screenwriting Expo 5, sponsored by Creative Screenwriting Magazine. In this brief overview of the all-day seminar, Greg Singer reports how Pixar manages to capture lightning in a bottle.

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While the title of this “book” suggests it is only for animators, the lessons within are valuable to anyone itching to be better at drawing expressive people. Walt Stanchfield was Disney animator who taught drawing at the studio. His handouts have been passed around and circulated for years, and Leo Brodie has organized them (based on the 60 handouts shared on animationmeat.com)



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