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Interview with Carl Hawkins

"This is my thesis. "Interview with Carl Hawkins.

My thesis was about credible eyeanimation of 3D

characters. I reused a the character "Klork" from the

Orkbabies for this short cause I wanted to put my

focus on the Animation.


I was responsible for character setup, animation

compositing and sound. Thnx to Jens-Ole Bukowsky

who did the lighting and rendering! And to all other

people who helped me out during my studies at

the German Film School! Thnx!" - Goro Fujita



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"Flipbook! is an application that allows people to draw simple frame by frame animations, view them, save them and share them with others via e-mail. Originally developed as an installation for a Benetton shop in Hong Kong, it grew into an online version that records animations from around the world." - Juan Ospina


totally sweeeet. :D

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Personalised Portfolio Reviews by Brian Lemay

The Animated Cartoon Factory is now offering Personalised Portfolio Reviews by Brian Lemay.

Brian will go through your portfolio and using an over-the-shoulder video camera, record the review session for you. In this comprehensive review Brian will talk about what is working well in your portfolio and what is not. He will give you personal tips on what you need to do to improve your work and give you a better chance of getting a job in a studio or applying to an animation school.


:blink: the ultimate overlapping action!!!! (wmv, 3.26mb) :D

obavezno pogledati!! hahahhaha


Djorzgul (Aug 31 2005, 01:03):

grmh... ne verujem da je to stvarno... bar ne josh uvek. moratju frejm po frejm da odgledam...

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MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York



Pixar: 20 Years of Animation

December 14, 2005–February 6, 2006


Film and Media Gallery, Titus 1 Lobby Gallery, Titus 2 Lobby Gallery, and throughout the first floor


In keeping with the Museum’s long tradition of presenting animation, this is the most extensive gallery exhibition that MoMA has ever devoted to the genre. Featuring over 500 works of original art on loan for the first time from Pixar Animation Studios, the show includes paintings, concept art, sculptures, and an array of digital installations. These works reveal the intricate, hands-on processes behind Pixar’s computer-generated films—including Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and numerous shorts. The exhibition also includes a complete retrospective of Pixar films. Demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between traditional and digital media pioneered by the studio over its twenty-year history, Pixar: 20 Years of Animation is a tribute to the artists whose work has reinvented the genre.

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"King Kong" Post Production Diary - 10 Weeks To Go

Here is part 2 of 'Bringing Kong to Life', the animation department shows us how they use their creative imagination to animate creatures such as the T-Rex and Kong. Some of these silly characters (the animators) act out performances to get the feel right, while others have mirrors next to their monitors to look at themselves (and people say I'm vain). This all leads me to the conclusion that the animation department is probably a very surreal place...sounds like fun!


kenny roy, kojeg imate priliku da vidite i na maloj slichici i u 'akciji', je inache jedan od mentora na AnimationMentor.com. :D


ostale epizode ploga mozete naci na Kong is King.net | King Kong | Peter Jackson's Production Diary.

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Odlicni VIDEO tutorijali za pocetnike.


3D --> Maya, 3ds, XSI, Hudini, Lightwave, Motionbuilder, ostali...

Programiranje --> C++, Open GL, , PHP...

Game design --> Unreal, Far Cry, Doom III, Half Life II, Quake III...


Mnogi su potpuno BESPLATNI, samo je potrebno registrovati se. Za ostale se placa nesto malo... mislim $35. Po mom iskustvu, ovo su najbolji video tutorijali na netu. Snima ih veoma uigran tim ljudi sa dobrim pedagoškim pristupom. Savrseni su za one koji tek pocinju da se bave animacijom.


Postoje i varijante, online classroom... i sl.





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About a year later, we all went on our lunch break to see Toy Story.  I was blown away. “Can we do that?” I asked a colleague.  “No, we’re on Animation Master’s HASH.  That was done in SoftImage on a Silicon Graphics machine.”  I had no idea what the heck SoftImage was, but I knew I had to get my hands on it.


nisam imao pojma da je softimage imao tu chast...

inache ceo intervju je odlichan, tejk a luk:

http://www.strutyourreel.com/forum/feature/ :)

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