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PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS symposium & Agentware workshop @ Rovinj


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AGENTWARE /Architectural Association Rovinj Visiting School/ je šestodnevna radionica, sa fokusom na algoritmičkom dizajnu i agent-based sistemima, koja će se održati od 30. Jula do 5. Avgusta u Rovinju.

Radionicu će predvoditi Alisa Andrasek //biothing.org// i Jose Manuel Sanchez //the-probotics.com, genware.org//


Po završetku radionice održaće se se dvodnevni simpozijum PROTOECOLOGICS, na kom ce između ostalih govoriti Slavoj Žižek, Wolf Prix, Francois Roche, Jeff Kipnis, Sanford Kwinter, Tom Kovac...




Agentware is a six-day workshop in Rovinj, Croatia. Its focus is generative algorithmic design, in particular multi-agent computational systems that can read external feedback for applications in complex design ecologies. The workshop will be followed by a two-day symposium, involving theorists and practitioners. The symposium will bind together ideas of speculative realism in philosophy, expanding developments in science and shifting modes of production as it pertains to design, towards a redefinition of materiality and adaptation in complex environments.


An archipelago of over 1000 islands along the Croatian coastline is one of the last territories of unspoiled nature within the Mediterranean. Imminent future developments offer opportunities for amplifying and promoting authentic natural and cultural features as ingredients for the new ‘iconic’, rather than increasingly collapsed models of imported ‘iconic’ designs that are unrelated to the local conditions. Rewriting material and organisational protocols within design and planning sequences towards larger sensitivity to host ecologies, and relocating energy production from remote centralised locations to the micro-dispersed ones embedded in the real estate they are powering, will be discussed in relation to increased computational intelligence with the introduction of agent-based systems and large data sets in design.


During the workshop participants will gain access to Biothing’s extensive code library consisting of advanced code sequences accumulated through Biothing’s professional and academic research (at the AA, Columbia and Pratt Institute). Participants will engage closely with the rich ecology of computational resources and explicit strategies for cross-breeding code within the design process. Outputs of the workshop will become part of an exhibition initially presented to local developers and visiting international design critics, after which it will travel to other locations.



The deadline for applications is 1 July. A late deadline of 15 July is also in effect, but this will incur a £50 surcharge.



The AA Visiting School requires a fee of £650 per participant, which includes a £50 Visiting Student Membership. Fees do not include flights or accommodation.





/ agentWall / Biothing 2010 /

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Da zivimo u zemlji u kojoj prosecna plata nije 300e, nego malo vise to uopste ne bi bio problem! Mislim da to za svetske okvire uopste nije previsoka cena, ipak je tu ukljucena edukacija u trajanju od 5 dana... A dati pare za edukaciju, svakako ne znaci baciti pare... Zbog gore navedenog razloga na seminaru ce biti mnogo vise ljudi iz regiona (Hrvatska, Slovenija) nego iz Srbije! Ali u Sloveniji je glavni projekat po kvadratu 50-70e, a ovde 0-15e zavisno od sredine (pricam o "obicnim" objektima).

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Postavljen je i sajt za PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS simpozijum, koji će se održati 6. i 7. avgusta, po završetku Agentware radionice.

Na simpozijumu će govoriti Patrick Schumacher, Wolf Prix, Sanford Kwinter, Jeff Kipnis, Francois Roche, Ed Keller, Tom Kovac, Enric Ruiz Geli, Brett Steele itd.


Ulaz na simpozijum je besplatan.










The symposium will tease out speculative directions for architecture that move beyond innocent and reductive approaches to ecology as in notions of “sustainability” and “green”. As Slavoj Zizek reminds us, the so called “balance of nature” is in itself a myth since catastrophes have always been an integral part of natural history. Rather than acting from a position of idealization with regards to nature, can we conceive of agency within a condition that isalready artificial, accepting noise and errors, embracing true face of complexity?


Recent tendencies in architecture take a unique point of view, with aesthetically novel and unnatural sensibilities emerging from a close scrutiny and study of apparently natural systems. These speculative tendencies are being driven by mathematical and computational abstractions that transform the way we understand the matter-information relationship. Instead of form being imprinted upon matter, matter is understood as an active agent in its own formation. It promotes dissolution of linear hierarchies, enabling heterogeneous and non-linear nature of complex agencies to hybridize and be incorporated into increasingly complex fabric of architecture. Under this accelerated convergence of matter-information, architecture can begin to speculate its own possible futures within denaturalized material ecology and conditions far from equilibrium.

Symposium is sponsored by Maistra d.d and the Region of Istria





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