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You have seen them on the Internet, you have seen them on satellite TV from America and Europe well now its time for Serbia and former Yugoslavia to have their own. “URBAN & HOME, DESIGN SERIES”


ATOM has a few new television series featuring, Kitchen design, bedroom & bathroom designs and remodeling. Television serials, which feature young, creative, resourceful and skilled designers to be on the our newest television series.


We are producing a new set of shows and dealing with the one biggest problem everyone in Belgrade shares, old building and small apartments. We are currently accepting CV’s, Design samples, and your photo or videos from young talented and highly capable designs, builders.


Send your CV/ Samples/Current photos of yourself to: contact@atomproductions.tv


L. Allen Scheid

Director, General Manager


ATOM PRODUCTIONS, D.o.o. Republic of Serbia

Web: www.atomproductions.tv

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