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~free rigged characters~

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ovo je bilo na staroj zoni. mislim da bi bilo kul da se opet zapocne jer je vishe nego korisno. dakle, free rigged characters:


za mayu




LowDog :D




Final Rig

[morate da se registrujete na sajtu da biste mogli da downloadujete]

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ovde sam nasao dosta riggovanih karaktera ( ja mislim najboljih na netu )... btw ako mozete skinite demoreel chovek razbija character animation :) stvarno lik je boli glava


ovo je preuzeto sa cgtalka


Flyman for xsi

Generi Rig for maya

Frank for maya

"el malo" character rig for max 5.1

Phil for maya 6


i tako... :)

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Hej super Djorzgul sto si nas podsetio :)


Otisao sam na onaj sajt ciji je link ostavio thinker ( Lowmax) pa sam capio samo model i rigovao ga u LightWave-u. Mrzelo me da namestam morph i weight map - to bi mogao mozda neko drugi :P


Inace ne preporucujem pustanje animacije u LW dok je ukljucen Scene Editor ( nesto puca) i neznam zasto mi kod ovog karaktera nece da se ukljuci siva linija za IK Boost Menu kada smo u Perspective View-u ( a kod nekog drugog hoce - hm! :blink: )


Interesuje me ima li ljudi sa dizajn zone koji rade karakter animaciju u LW-u



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Ball 1.0 (maya)


MrMotionRig (maya)

The MrMotionRig is a biped rig designed for intuitive animation. It can either be used to exercise your animation skills, or it can be adjusted to fit inside a character you have made.



Features in v1.0: Jason Osipa facial setup, IK/FK arms, individual finger control, IK legs, strechy spline IK back and accessory controls.


Melvin the Robot (maya)


PackageMan, Troll, Super Gramps, IK-Joe, IK-Jane (maya)

IK-Joe (xsi)


Flex (houdini)

Version 1.2 of a new idea for how to capture and deform characters. The best description I have for this comes courtesy of Mario it's inter-bone bridging -- a directed, cross-spatial component. It augments the concept of capture regions by being able to work *between* the implicit spaces of all (local) capture regions.

Or put another way it captures by defining surface features, and attempts to create bone driven animation without the need for weight painting.

Oh and this one also comes with help :)

Added some extra features, cleaned out redundant ones, and general fixed bugs.


Rabbit (houdini)

This is a digital asset character that contains the rabbit's geometry, bones, and rigging controls. This character was demoed at SIGGRAPH 2004 and is available as an example of a light Houdini rig. This character uses several nested digital assets that play the dual role of rigging tools and animation controls.


Human Skeleton (houdini)

This is a digital asset character of a human skeleton that is rigged to simulate accurate skeletal motion. At joints such as the knee, the thigh bone geometry rolls over the calf bone with the underlying kinematics adjusting to allow for this realistic motion. The rib cage is designed to maintain its volume and the clavicle, shoulder blades and even the knee caps have realist motion built in. The animator can also apply offsets to this automated motion in cases where they want a particular effect.

The arms and legs make good use of FK/IK blending with the arms capable of being controlled by either a world space end effector or a local end effector. There is also a special reverse arm rig that runs from the elbow up through the clavicle. This lets the animator lock down the elbow then move the body. These techniques are covered by some how-to lesson available in the asset's help.

This human skeleton is the first stage in the generation of a realistic human that will eventually include bone and muscle deformations. The goal is to derive the character's skin from the bone, muscle geometry using inflate. Keep an eye out in the exchange for an updated versions of this skeleton with muscles. For now, have fun animating and posing this skeleton and testing out the rigging concepts used in its creation. When updated versions are available then any animation to put on this defintion of the skeleton will be transferable to the muscled skeleton.

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ej, nice, idem da isprobam predatora...


------ 5 minuta kasnije,., -----

smor.. predator nije izrigovan, samo je nalinkovan na bipeda.. pa dobro moze se iskoristiti za neke testove.. ima neki weeeird bug na nozi, odvajaju mu se prsti...


spajdermen je samo model, nigde riga...


shmrk.. taman sam hteo da pravim spiderman VS predator ;P

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MrMotionRig (maya)

The MrMotionRig is a biped rig designed for intuitive animation. It can either be used to exercise your animation skills, or it can be adjusted to fit inside a character you have made.

(mrMotionRig video demonstration)


pjl Hogan v2 (maya 6)

ex-AAU rig. more info...



free xsi rigs from Noel's House of Wax:

Sharkboy v8.4 (xsi 5)

(preview image)


Mr Hero - costumed version 2.3 (xsi)


Mr Ed (xsi 4.2)


Raptor Rig v5.5 (xsi)


Pierre (xsi 4.2)



free rigs by Ila Soleimani:


Free Robot Rigs in Max & Maya formats



Free Professor Rigs in Max & Maya formats



Free Kiako & Arishak lowpoly Models & Textures in FBX


h/a :)

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Bloke 1.1.0 (maya 5/6/7/8)


Latest revision offers:


- Much more stable back controls

- Improved arm skinning.

- Better range of motion on shoulder controls.

- Improved facial expressions

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malo zastarela vest ali nisam stigao ranije da postujem -


MAX: Cryptic Studios Releases Cryptic Animation Rig


Cryptic Studios created the "City of Heroes" and "City of Villians" online MMORPGs and are currently working on "Marvel Universe Online".






Po layerima postoje razliciti 'karakteri' nakaceni na ovaj rig.. bas je da se igras do mile volje...

happy animating!!


a za one koje ne mrzi da citaju

prosiren info:


Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Cryptic Studios Releases Cryptic Animation Rig

Free Cryptic Animation Rig Now Available Under the GNU General Public License

LOS GATOS, CA - May 11, 2007 - Cryptic Studios, Inc., an independent developer of massively multiplayer online games, announced today its proprietary Cryptic Animation Rig (Cryptic AR) is now available free for download under the GNU General Public License.


"Our goal is to foster a community of animators by providing them the power to generate animations without having to worry about supporting a toolset. Since we were already developing the rig for our core technology team, we decided to release it to the public under the GNU GPL," said Shayne Herrera, Art Development Director for Cryptic Studios. "We feel that the development and gaming communities will benefit greatly from a professional tool like the Cryptic AR."


Cryptic AR allows animators of all experience levels to familiarize themselves with the same tools used in a professional development environment. Unlike other free animation rigs, Cryptic AR is not an approximation of production tools, but the very tools currently being used to produce next-gen game visuals at Cryptic Studios.


"We decided to add the ability to switch and create character skins called 'IDs' (identities), " said Sean Burgoon, animator and creator of the Cryptic AR. "Cryptic AR version 1.0 ships with three IDs and we plan to release more on a regular basis. We are encouraging user-submitted IDs through the animation community we are creating on our web site."


The Cryptic AR web site will also have forums to serve as the community home for aspiring AR animators. The forums will act as a place to inspire continued creativity in users and support animation needs.


Cryptic AR version 1.0 is now available for download at www.crypticar.com.


About Cryptic Studios

Cryptic Studios is the leading independent developer of massively-multiplayer online games. The company has a history of creating critically-acclaimed and highly-entertaining games that appeal to wide audiences. It's first two titles, "City of Heroes" and "City of Villains" are both award-winning titles that represent the company's commitment to delivering high-quality, immersive entertainment to the market.


Cryptic is currently partnered with Microsoft Game Studios to bring "Marvel™ Universe Online" to both Xbox 360™ and Windows Vista™. The company is also dedicated to supporting their hit flagship titles, "City of Heroes®" and "City of Villains™" with partner NCsoft.


Marvel is a trademark of Marvel Characters, Inc. City of Heroes, City of Villains, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cryptic Studios, Inc. and NCsoft Corporation. Cryptic Studios is a trademark of Cryptic Studios, Inc.

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The Andy Rig 1.3.0 (maya 7)

The Andy (short for "androgynous") Rig was made for students at the Savannah College of Art and Design and is updated based on student feedback. It's meant to play both male and female roles and be generic enough to act in many different scenarios. Multiple hair styles and textures are already available, but more can be added to change the look of the character. Feedback is appreciated and often implemented.


Release v1.3 includes:

-Stick elbows and knees in place ("lock mid" control)

-Stop-Staring type facial setup

-IK/Fk matching on arms and legs embedded into Right Mouse Menus

-Dynamic parenting (space switching) embedded into Right Mouse Menus

-IK/FK spine

-Advanced twist enabled on arms, legs and spine

-Squash and Stretch and bendy arms

-Twist and Gimble helpers

-Multiple hair styles

-Multiple textures

-More coming soon...visit www.johndoublestein.com for updates




The Teddy Rig (maya 7)

The Teddy Rig is a basic character setup created for a group project ILIA - Chicago. Comments and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.



Smooth IK/FK blending

Squash-n-Stretch limbs & spine

Bone-based facial setup

Low poly & resizable




Ollie Full 1.5 (maya)

Ollie is a free rig created to give to practicing animators all the controls and the flexibility we’ve always been dreaming of.


Main features

* Stretchy limbs, from neck to fingertips all the way down to toes. Stretchiness can be turned on and off on the fly.

* IK/FK controls for arms, legs, spine and fingers!

* Every limb can be aligned and constrained to top parent joints. Up to 5 parenting options.

* Bend controls for arms and legs

* Squash & Stretch controls for every body part

* Full facial muscle-based animation controls

* Advanced character picker with tabs for every body part, pose libraries and multiple utility buttons. Two facial GUI’s included.

* Solid and stable architecture based on Maya utility nodes. Fast playback in viewports.


Ollie Light 1.0 (maya)

Ollie light is an extremely simple rig created for all beginner animators.

It is based on the full version of Ollie. The rig provides an IKFK switch for the arms and a Reverse Foot Lock setup for the feet.

It’s been created intentionally to introduce 2D animators to the word of 3D animation.




Ward Classic 1.0 (maya)

Ward is a character that has been created for all the beginners animator and for all of those that want to animate just through body language.


It’s a complete character that doesn’t have any facial control.

The setup is extremely easy and fast to animate.

The downloadable version is the “Classic” one, an ‘old style’ rig that doesn’t have any body stretch control. In the next weeks we’ll release for download the stretchy rig version too which will be similar to the Classic but will feature stretch controls for all the body plus some other features.


Main features

* Stable, Simple and very fast Rig!

* IK/FK controls for arms, legs and fingers.

* Every limb can be aligned and constrained to top parent joints. Up to 5 parenting options.

* Advanced character picker with tabs for body, head and multiple utility buttons.

* Color Preset and immediate visualization of the silhouette in viewport with just a mouse click

* Possibility to play with dimensions and visibility of the facial elements




Tiny 1.1.0 (maya 7 & 8)

Features include:

* Full body and facial controls.

* FK/IK arms with built-in seamless switching

* Cluster on mesh facial controls in addition to the Osipa-style controls.

* Muscle system with controllable jiggle.

* Textured with both Mental Ray and Renderman for Maya SSS shaders available.

* Trigger, shelf, and window selection interfaces available (Must copy the Tiny folder into your icons folder).

* High res (50k polys), medium res (12k polys skinned, no facial), high res head (full facial controls), proxy mesh, and muscle layers available.




Imp 1.0 (maya)

* IK/FK limbs.

* Broken hierarchy for independent motion on limbs and head.

* Osipa-style facial controls.

* Auto-clavicles, soft eyes, reverse foot.

* Proxy mesh for fast playback.

* Fully textured with color, bump, specular, and translucense maps.




Sam_v1.2.5 (maya 7, maya 8)




Basic_Guy_v2.5.8 (maya 7, maya 8)




Flour_Sack _v1.5.0 (maya 7, maya 8)




Johnny The Box 1.0.0

A simple box with squash and stretch, twisting and bending.

Everyone animates bouncing balls, but what about the cubes, they feel left out too!

Here is a video demonstration of this rig:



uzivajte. :)


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