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Ryan Larkin died at 63


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Ryan Larkin, one of Canada's most praised animators and an Oscar nominee who fell into a life of panhandling on the streets of Montreal, died Wednesday of metastasized lung cancer in Sainte-Hyacinthe, Quebec, said his manager and producer Laurie Gordon. He was 63.


After years in obscurity, Mr. Larkin was recently rediscovered by a new generation of fans and was the subject of the 2004 Oscar-winning animated short Ryan. In recent months, he had also begun working on Spare Change, a new film about his years panhandling, mainly outside Montreal's famous Schwartz's Deli.






Article #1


Article #2


Article #3


Ryan the Film (google video, nije neki kvalitet.. ali ko nije video...)



mene je bas jako obradovalo kada sam otkrio njegove radove... i jako lako sam postao vrlo "influenced" na neki nacin... ako imate nekako priliku da pogledate ceo dvd na kome je i dokumentarni fim o njemu videcete tu cudnu posebnost ovog coveka...


eto, verujem da je na nekom dobrom mestu sada... jer zasluzuje to...

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