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Molim sve vas da ne postujete bas SVE sto se moze pronaci na netu... narocito ne gnusne stvari koje mogu zainteresovati 1% posetilaca Zone


Malo autocenzure nije na odmet. Zona nema age restriction, a sadrzaji koje kacite su vidljivi velikom auditorijumu...


Malo kontrole molim.

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Mali je fake


(Translated) Angry German Kid - Correct Translation


Read this before commenting (updated 24.11.2007, thank you jopetsou):Angry German Kid (a.k.a. Der echte Gangster, Slikk or Leopold) is a talented actor of age 15 from Bergisches Land, Germany. He plays a character, Der echte Gangster, a parody of a wannabe gangster. This fact has often been misunderstood, and as a result he has been subject to bullying both on- and offline (e.g. school). For this very reason, he stopped making videos for almost a year in 2006.Sources (translated, click "SCHLIESSEN" if add comes up):http://... his blog: http://... am not mad (translated)http://... am not sick or mad, I only have a sense of humor not everyone immediately understands. In addition, I have acting talent. I can do something so real that many think it is real. For this reason I will be insulted by many and hated. The aim of my videos or movies is to entertain people, not provoke. Nobody should take my short videos on the Internet seriously - they are merely for entertainment. No matter what people think or say, I am a very normal boy with acting talent."- N. K. (aka "Slikk" or "Der echte Gangster")How it started (translated, how the character was born)http://... information:This video was made as a response to some German politicians attempting to restrict access to violent video games. He was trying to show how they view gamers. Very amusing and intelligent. Too bad most people missed the point."Journalists" from Focus TV (Germany) used this as an example of an internet addict, claiming the kid to have been secretly taped by his father and to be undergoing therapy in addiction clinic. Naturally, this was not what "Leopold" understood to have agreed on when he gave approval for airing it on TV.Source (translated, click "SCHLIESSEN" if add comes up):http://... video from AGK at his computer (4 copies for redundancy):http://... this is NOT me in the video. I am NOT the Angry German Kid. Stop sending me your pointless messages of how you believe this kid needs anger management. Nobody gives a shit about your opinion.Unbelievable how daft some people are, wasting my time with pointless messages to yell at me "omg dude GET HELLP ASSHOLE!!!!1" Thank you very much. Morons. After seeing so many stupid (or rather wrong) translations of what the Angry German Kid is saying, I felt it has to be my duty as a German dude to translate it properly. I'm sorry for the bad quality. I hope you can read it all.




Ovo nije smeshan snimak ali meni se svidja iz nekog nepoznatog razloga :)



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