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Video sam Bozic Batu!

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i doneo mi poklon :)



Morao je da stavi specijalne kosmicke cvidze jer ovaj kosmicki VR mlogo varnici! Probali smo da ga ugasimo pivom, ali ne vredi :)




Nema crvenu kapicu i irvase, ali zato ima radnju na Mostarskoj petlji!


Svima koji slave Bozic po julijanskom kalendaru:



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A odakle Nikonu VR? Pa naravno... Dobili od Canona...


I first experienced image stabilization (IS) in a pair of binoculars, and I was suitably impressed. I was out on my late Uncle Cam's "stinkpot" (powerboat), watching a sailboat race, and he handed me his then-new Canon IS binoculars. As if by magic, the typical visual jitter of high-power binoculars was eliminated—the magnified image of my cousin Chris's eldest boy, also named Cam and a highly skilled champion sailor, was as steady as if I were seeing him with normal eyesight.


(Note that most companies have their own name for the feature—Nikon's is "VR" for vibration reduction. I'll refer to it here as IS, generically.)


The feature soon made its way into SLRs, also compliments of Canon. I believe the first IS lens was a 75–300mm consumer telephoto zoom, although I'm just going from memory. A couple of years later I remember reading a fascinating insider account of how MITI and the Japanese government brokered a deal essentially forcing Canon to share some of its technology with Nikon.


"Razmenu" je iniciralo Ministarstvo trgovine i industrije Japana i pored IS-a moguce je da je u paketu bio i USM (cak i Nikon, kao i Canon, ima dva brza motora, obicni mikro (AF-S na 18-55 I) i prstenasti ("pravi" AF-S na 70-200 VR npr.).


U Japanu postoji nesto sto se zove "keiretsu", konglomerat u slobodnom prevodu. E, ti keiretsui od kada su nastali imaju dogovore o razmeni tehnologija kao suprotnost americkim/evropskim formalnim ugovorima.

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