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Mickey Mouse

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- Mama sto se strika Draganov sin zove Vuk?

- Zato sto njegova mama voli zivotinje

-A sto se teta Slavicina cerka zove Ruza?

-Zato sto njena mama voli cvece

-A sta ti volis mama?

- Djokice, prestani da me zapitkujes


Za vas ni mrtav ne bih glasao!!!

-... hoces, hoces :mrgreen:

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A truck driver, who drives his semi-trailer in open country, has an extreme desire to pee but has trouble finding a place to park his 38 tons.


Fortunately, arrived in a small village, he spots a location. He immediately gets off his big truck to piss against a wall nearby.


Suddenly, a little old woman is coming up behind him. She pats on her back saying timidly:


- " Can I see it ? "


The trucker is hiding a little better and answers the old lady:


- "Hey, you're not fine, no! "


The little lady insists:


"Ah, my boy, it's been ten years since my old Marcel was no longer in this world. I didn't had the opportunity since to see one. Can I see it, please? "


- "I told you no and, in addition, we could see us! "


- "But no, no one will see us, I'm all alone in the village. Can I see it, pleaaaase !? "


So while looking around to check, the trucker slowly turns around, and show his dick to the old lady.


-"Hoooo, it' soooo beautiful, I can't believe my eyes, what a master piece!"


The truck driver thanks the grandma for her nice comment, and start to put back his genitals in his pant, when the lady stop him.


-"Listen, I know there will be a long time before I see one again, maybe I would not even have the occasion, could you do me a last favor, let me touch it, please, oh pleaaaase!"


The truck driver, still happy with the good comment, and thinking that she was probably right, and that she will probably never see another one before to pass away, decide to agree to her request, and then open his pant, for her to be able to access his "master piece".


Immediately the little old lady, catches one of his balls in her left hand, and says:


- "Oh, this is one is heavy, would you mind if I touch the other one to compare?"


- "At this point, I can't refuse you anything anymore, but be quick please!"


The old lady then, catches the other one in her right hand while still having the other one in her left hand, and like castanets, she strikes them violently against each other like cymbals rhythmically rumbling:







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