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Pomoc oko html5 banera


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Pozdrav svima :)

Uradila sam prvi put html5 banere u Adobe Animate.. Spakovala sam u zip file html, js i images. Na testu iz Animate sve radi kako treba, ali kada idem na HTML5 validator prijavljuje mi dve greske:


Missing primary asset check

Primary .HTML files include an Ad Size tag such as <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">.

  1. Open your .HTML file and search for the Ad Size meta tag. If you find it, make sure it’s contained in the <head> tag and that the <head> statement is closed with a </head>.
  2. Replace quotation marks manually as copy/pasted ones can throw an error (are not accepted by AdWords).
  3. This error can also appear when you try to upload files from DCLK Studio or the Swiffy tool. Those files are not accepted by AdWords and cannot be uploaded. DCLK should be trafficked via 3PAS per usual and Swiffy Flash files should be uploaded as Flash, not converted HTML5.
More details:

Relative asset check

You can only reference files found in your uploaded .ZIP file, and the file listed above is not found there. To continue, remove any references in your HTML file to assets found outside of the .ZIP file.

The asset listed in the error message cannot be found in your .ZIP file. You will also need to remove any references to that file. The only allowed external references are the following:

  • Google Fonts
  • Google-hosted jQuery
Nemam pojma kako da ovo resim...moze li neko pomoci?
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