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Isometrični futuristički RPG

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Hello guys this is a project which I have been doing for quite a while so I found out this forum and I would like to hear your opinion about it.


This Is a sci-fi game with a story about 2 ancient space races which are in fight from the time when universe was created. Both are hard to understand life beings but in basic they are intelligent life forms that are able to create their body one race from minerals (Asmodians) one from asteroids (Kirkodians). The thing that is special with the Kirkodians is that they contain DNA and are able to create life forms. When these two start to fight the asteroid parts break apart and when they hit the planet if it is suitable place for life to develop the life starts there. So Kirkodians have crated ultimate race to eradicate Asmodians and they created humans. But humans as intelligent as they are they are very selfish and in the end they will kill themselves. When Asmodians saw potential in them they sent fully mineral moon to circle around earth moon. When humans have discovered it brought the revolution to them and they start to technologically evolve at very fast rate. This started to happen without Kirkodians knowledge and they already send huge asteroid to destroy humans like dinosaurs. But the Asmodians moon changed orbit and crashed in that asteroid before it hit the earth. But the explosion was too huge and debris from the impact crashed in to the earth and destroyed the atmosphere which leads humans to use their technology to become cyborgs.


Now the game starts as the whole rain of asteroids started to fall on earth and you manage to escape on colony on Saturn’s moon titan where you discover the story. This story is not known to humans because all that was happening around them was considered as a natures work.


The whole game is crated with java LWGJ openGL. I have a good knowledge in 3d modeling and animation but I decided to make game in 2d so I crated isometric game that uses Images of rendered 3d models. Everything was modeled in Maya and then rendered in isometric view.



this is the view of player there is animation for walking shooting and standing(breathing when standing)


when you aproach computer you can see some more detailed stories if you want details


you are also able to talk to other people which give you direction what you should do next


here is the dialog it is based on morrowind. NPC says something and on the right side keywords appear from the text that he said and when you click on keyword you get more explained that word or he just continues to talk about it.


this is the main menu when you start the game



Here is also video of it.


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