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Jutro na Vrelu Bosne


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Jutarnji zen


16650082520_0375e580c7_c.jpgVrelo Bosne by alen.rob, on Flickr




16651312189_aa0d9ae5b5_c.jpgCrokus 3 by alen.rob, on Flickr


i još crokusa


16836308982_e88661126e_c.jpgCrokus 1 by alen.rob, on Flickr



polja crokusa, sigurno je došlo proljeće


16650075580_2330094183_c.jpgCrokus 2 by alen.rob, on Flickr



i jedan crno bijeli labud, koji kao i ja želi saprati zimsku čađ i sivilo


16650071230_7955f054c7_b.jpgBlack & White Swan by alen.rob, on Flickr


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