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Digital Designer

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Digital Designer


Folkmatic is looking for an experienced Digital Designer to join our Copenhagen or Belgrade offices


If you’re right for the job, it’s because you have vision, voice and pride. You’re a user yourself and have the empathy and imagination to understand a full spectrum of user needs. You care deeply about what you put out there and understand the responsibility you carry when advising and designing.


Your background has provided a broad experience in shaping great user experience for screens large and small. In addition to having a unique vision you have a strong voice to speak your convictions and a clear will to execute your concepts.


What you’ll be doing with us

  • Apply a finely tuned eye for both the big idea and the many details to deliver quality you can take pride in
  • Collaborate with project managers and developers to produce forward-thinking, thoughtful and relevant design work
  • Work intimately with clients – understand their business and challenge them on goals and requirements
  • Take part in phrasing the creative direction for our projects
  • Interview, mentor and lead daily work of interns and juniors
  • Lift agency-wide responsibility on innovation and quality
  • Understand project boundaries, incl. business-related conditions, internal goals, user needs, technical limitations, budget and schedule
  • Conduct newbiz conceptualisations and presentation pitches
  • Stay up-to-date on new tools and best practices for working smarter
  • Maintain awareness of industry trends and share latest developments with the rest of the team


What we expect you’re capable of

  • Humblebrag your experience with a strong portfolio in digital design
  • Master Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Sketch like a boss
  • Talk the talk with English skills, both written and spoken – Danish or Serbian are a plus
  • Present well-grounded knowledge base of web tech and mobile frameworks
  • Communicate effectively virtually, in a team and under a project setting
  • Proficiency with HTML/CSS/JS – a plus


About Folkmatic


Folkmatic is a digital agency with offices in Copenhagen and Belgrade. We consult and realize digital business that transforms products and services by putting people first.


The team is a collective of senior digital types with agency and product backgrounds. We’re “people people” – dedicated to making the people we work with and the people we work for better at what they do. Not least, we’re passionate about the process and dedicate hands-on 
seniors to secure a safe journey from briefing through exploration.


Our clients range from startups to corporate, across a broad spectrum of industries and count 24/7 Entertainment, Citrix (Podio), DAY, Egmont, Flügger, Copenhagen Municipality, Lauritz.com, Magasin, Nobel, Phaidon, Radikale Venstre, Squirl, TDC, Zimmer, 
and many more.


If you’re the right fit for us, we’ll be happy to offer you a seat in our light Copenhagen office or charming Belgrade office – with all the daily delights, opportunities to learn and grow, competitive salary scheme and extra perks.


Apply for the job


Please send us your application along with your CV and portfolio to joinus@folkmatic.com with the subject field “Digital Designer”. If you have any questions regarding this position, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Please see www.folkmatic.com for more info, and for the updated list of job vacancies!

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