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Korisni linkovi za osvetljavanje


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Za sve koje zanima osvetljenje.... Zaista dobre lekcije sa prakticnim primerima...





Light it Right

Contemporary Lessons in Video Lighting

Victor Milt

Join renowned DP Victor Milt DGA, as he takes you through a lifetime of experience in setting up lighting for a huge variety of situations. While Vic’s background has been in commercial, motion picture, and television broadcasting, he’s also embraced the digital era with great enthusiasm, and has been experimenting for several years with many lighting kits varying from 10K, 600 amp lighting rigs to lighting with candles.


This nearly 2-hour session with a master is sure to inspire you in addition to teaching a number of unusual but highly effective location lighting techniques.


This was the top-selling DVD at NAB 2005!

Topics (in part) included on this 90 minute DVD:

Examining the Masters (overview of lighting masters)

Elements of Lighting/Studio Lighting

Lighting Fixtures, Tools, equipment

Nano-Lighting; A New Concept in Lighting

Practical Lighting Situations

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting

Product lighting

Low cost sets

Lighting executives

Greenscreen techniques *Bonus Chapter

and more...

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